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The picture top left shows two boats Mignon and Pitusa. The next picture shows "S O Browne and Diego on my boat". Sydney O Browne is shown as the head of materials and traction in 1912 and as resident locomotive superintendent in 1909. He was also involved with the scout movement and was head of a troop in Aguilas. Who Diego was I do not know - perhaps he was Sydney's "Thomas". The third picture is entitled "Tea time! Thomas with Jack on board Pitusa" It would seem from the evidence of the three pictures that Pitusa was George's boat, making Brown's boat Mignon. However, see Alison's comment below.

The boat which George Boag bought from Sydney Browne's brother was named "Rosalia", Sydney Browne's boat was the "Rosemary". Diego was George's personal servant for a short time but was dismissed from his post in 1908. Tomas Lopez was his successor in the job - he stayed with George for a long time. I think he is the Tomas/Thomas in the other photographs - AM.

{"October 26. Doña Dolores has found a house and is getting it cleaned etc. Engaged "Diego" as personal servant. Son of fisherman, and has been ships' boy on sailing boat. Appears useful and quick to learn. Has complexion like mahogany! 30 pesetas per mensem."}

Obviously, this may not the same "Diego" but it is a possibility, he certainly went sailing with George and was sent to Cartagena in April 1908 to fetch the boat which George had bought from Roland Browne (Sydney's brother) for 800 pesetas. Unfortunately the name of the boat is not mentioned. I get the impression that Sydney Browne may have had his own boat - AM. (There was a Diego in the family of the Browne's - AH)

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Now we have four general scenes. They show, in order, Faluchas (feluccas) in the harbour, Mackerel boats, Mending nets and Loading esparto at Aguilas harbour.

The method of loading ships with esparto was a tedious and labour intensive process. The esparto was brought in wagons to the shore, then loaded on to small flat bottomed boats. It was then, again by hand, put into the ship's hold. A loaded boat is seen setting out while, possibly, an empty one is returning.

Below left, a picture of a boat being loaded at El Hornillo. The method of unloading iron ore is described in the page on El Hornillo. The name on the ship is tantalisingly blurred but a careful look at the original pictures suggests a name like Castlefield (there certainly was such a ship).

The two pictures below right are somewhat different. They have been provided by Eveline Helmer - van der Heijden from the album of her grandfather Louis Lowenthal. Eveline is a great-granddaughter of Gustavo Gillman. The text in the album says: G.L. Boag, General Manager G.S.S.R. 1917. They are shown here by her kind permission. Copyright remains with her.

Regarding the motorbike, Gerrit has found out that it is an FN model built before 1914. FN stands for “Fabrique National d' Armes de Guerre S.A.”, of Herstal, Belgium, a well known arms factory. FN also manufactured motorbikes from 1901 till 1967 GV.

I can add a little to the motorbike picture. George went to England on 1 May 1917 then on his return he has this entry in his diary. I assume that "Santamaria" was Dr. Santamaria the medical officer - AM. (Right, he was Alejandro Santamaría de Paz. They were close friends. His father Juan Santamaría was a engineer at Hett and Kennedy times - AH)

{"July 3. The motor cycle I bought before leaving for England, having been overhauled, painted, etc., was delivered a few days ago but I have not had time until today to try it. It is an F.N. 2½ H.P. 1913 model and seems very handy. I got it started and then couldn't stop it and ran into a tree, but the second attempt was all right. I made the mistake of trying it within the narrow confines of my garden. July 4. Took the motor up to the cemetery road and ran it up and down for an hour until I had thoroughly mastered the controls. July 5. Out towards Grays farm at Peña Rubia with Santamaria. July 6. Out again with motor and Santamaria who also runs an F.N. Got as far as Terreros where S. had a puncture and coming back mine stopped with a choked jet, which S. remedied in 5 minutes".}

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