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Above are three pictures of Madrid,all taken in 1909. The first was taken near the Royal Palace. It would be an incredible sight to see bullock carts in Madrid today although I believe that sheep are driven through once a year to preserve an ancient right of way.

The view in the second picture of the Prado has not changed much, except that the road is better surfaced!

The final view, taken at the Puerta del Sol, gives a wonderful side view of a Madrid tram. The destination board on the side of the tram shows the Puerto del Sol to be the mid point of the route. Unfortunately I cannot make out the end points.

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Now we have four street scenes. I plan sometime to try and take modern pictures of these streets. They are, from left to right, Calle Mayor in Cartegena; Puerta de Murcia in Cartagena; Old Town in Lorca and The Market Place in Seron.

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Finally, three pictures whose view has changed little in 100 years - Seville, Cordoba and Alicante.

George appears to have taken a holiday on 17 and 18/4/11, mixed with some work. He left Baza on the 13th for Malaga, then went on to Algeciras on the 14th (Good Friday). He did some railway business there on the 15th, then moved on to Seville on the 16th (Easter Sunday). On the 17th he went to Cordoba, leaving again for Granada on the 18th and arriving back in Aguilas on the 19th - AM.

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