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Welcome to the Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club's Silver Jubilee

Yes, it is 25 years since a small group of people got together and formed what would be the BoR Croquet Club. To celebrate the occasion we are holding a number of special events.

Do you think you know all about bears? Try Don and Faith Gaunt's bear quiz at the bottom of this page.

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The Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club 1984 – 2009

The First 25 Years

by Rosemary Danby

This long-awaited booklet charts the rise of The Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club from the embryonic suggestion from The Croquet Association in 1983, through the club’s birth in 1984, its infancy and coming of age, right up to the present day. Although I thought I was well informed, there was much I learned from reading the pre-release copy and I recommend it as an accomplished and entertaining read. Copies at £5 each will be available for purchase at the Gala Dinner or from the author at Belmont, Moor Court, Rodborough Common, Glos. GL5 5DA (please add £1.50 p+p). Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to club funds.

Bear LogoBears v Visitors games

Bear Games

Over the weekend 25/26 April there were friendly games available between BoR members and the visitors to our Gala Dinner (see below). During the two days some 20 Bears and visitors played a variety of matches under Don's managerial eye.

If you would like a souvenir CD containing over 100 pictures of the games and Jubilee Dinner {see below}, price £1 plus £1 post and packing just email Don on {don AT faydon DOT com}.

Bear LogoGala Dinner

This was held at the BoR hotel on Saturday 25th April, starting 7.30pm.


The guest of honour was Bernard Neal, President of the Croquet Association. BoR members and guests from our many visits to other clubs at home and abroad were invited. Highlights included the release of a new book "The History of the Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club" by Rosemary Danby {see above}.

In the event over 50 people came to the dinner and had a great time. Secretary Rosemary and Chairman Rob spent a huge amount of time decorating and preparing the room and we owe them a big debt of gratitude. Rosemary made up a large display of pictures and Rob gave an entertaining and valedictory speech. Bernard Neal also gave a speech in which he praised the success of a small but dedicated club. However, the festivities were not quite over. Just as things were ending Rob stood up again and announced that there was an extra presentation, that of a CA Diploma to Rosemary for 25 years as Secretary. Once she had got over the shock, Rosemary was presented with the diploma by Bernard.


Here is the text of the citation

Rosemary is one of three founder members of The Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club which celebrates its Silver Jubilee on Saturday 25th April 2009. For twenty-five years, Rosemary has been secretary and the main driving force of the club. Her loyalty, enthusiasm and dedication are second to none. Although only just over twenty members, Rosemary annually organises league fixtures for Beginners, Intermediate, Federation and Parkstone Qualifier matches. For twenty-five years, she has taken minutes of meetings and maintained the minutiae of club paper work. She has arranged a programme of social events through winter months and an annual dinner. The success of the club, indeed, its very existence, is due in no small part to Rosemary and our gratitude to her is immense.

Bear LogoThe Bear of Rodborough Silver Jubilee Open Doubles Golf Croquet


This was played over the weekend 6-7 June and was a great success. Below are pictures taken at the event plus a report by Rob, who presented the prizes.

Golf7 Golf1 Golf3 Golf2

Above; 1 and 2. Don receiving his thank you present, a mug appropriately inscribed "The Don". 3 and 4. Ian and Elain Morrison, winners of the consolation event.

Below; 1-3. David Foulser and Richard Thompson, winners of the competition. 4. Don and Rob holding our new flag.

Golf4 Golf5 Golf6 Golf8

The Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club hosted its first national tournament this weekend when players from across the country competed in our Golf Croquet Doubles Tournament. The club has a successful record playing in the South-West League but this is the first time it has held a national event under the auspices of the sport’s governing body, The Croquet Association.

David Foulser (Cheltenham) and Richard Thompson (Edgbaston) were the top seeds and showed their skills by winning the trophy, beating Don Gaunt (Bear) and Carol Smith (Cheltenham) in a ‘best of three’ final. Foulser and Thompson took the first game on the golden hoop after being held at bay by Gaunt and Smith until the end. In the second game, the roles were reversed with Gaunt and Smith taking the game after a golden hoop but in the third, deciding game, Foulser and Thompson held their nerve and won the game 7-2 and the match 2-1.

Players had to contend with weather conditions ranging from warm sunshine one minute to heavy rain, hail and cold winds the next. However, all players agreed that the tournament was friendly and well-run and our thanks go to Don who masterminded and managed it so well.

Bear LogoSilver Jubilee BBQ

This was held on Friday 3rd July from 7.0pm.Below is a collage from the event. Our thanks to Richard and Rosemary for holding the BBQ and to all those who helped to run it.

Bear BBQ

Bear LogoSilver Jubilee Visit

Each year the Bear visits another club for some croquet and some socialising. Our hosts this year were Llanfairfechan in N Wales on 29/30 August. Below is a report by Keith plus a pictorial record of the visit. If you want to see pictures of where we have been before, go to our "Jollys" Page

Once again the Bears were on tour to an exotic seaside location where the smell of sea air, the sounds of gulls on the wing, the fresh onshore breeze and warm sunshine on the face, conjured up a magical romantic holiday feel of days gone by. Were we in the far-off orient, the exotic south-seas or the sundrenched west Indies? No. In North Wales, at Llanfairfechan. (It’s spelt correctly-I have a street map with it written on the cover!) A veritable host of Bears descended upon the poor unsuspecting, outnumbered Welsh croqueteers to play two days of Short and Golf croquet in almost unbroken sunshine (except when it rained). We were made very welcome by the Club’s members who went out of their way to provide a very enjoyable couple of day’s play and organise two evenings of eating and socialising.

The second evening concluded with an exchange of gifts from and to the Chairmen of both clubs and an invitation to Llanfairfechan to visit us at The Bear. Anyway, another great time had by all on the Bear touring team, with all our thanks to Don for his usual masterful organisation (cheque in the post?)

Wales01 Wales02 Wales03 Wales04

Wales05 Wales06 Wales07 Wales08

Wales09 Wales10 Wales11 Wales12

Wales13 Wales14 Wales15 Wales16

Bear LogoThe Jubilee AGM

The final event of the jubilee year took place on 21st October with a cheese and wine party afterwards. Below are some pictures of the proceedings.


(A) The trophies

(B) Richard and the B League trophy

(C) Brian and the golf trophy


(A) Brian and the association trophy

(B) Paul and Kate and the doubles trophy

(C) Don and the advanced trophy


(A) Nick receiving a CA diploma from Rosemary

(B) Rob preparing the food

(C) The delicious cakes


And finally, all the season's winners together.

So ends a highly successful year for this small club with a big heart.

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All of the answers relate to bears in some way, although the spelling may alter. The answers are blanked out, to reveal them hold the left mouse button down and scan over the cell. To reveal all answers, scan to the right of the cell.

NB. Some browsers may not show the blanking.

1a) What did Goldilocks do in the house belonging to the three bears?

Ate their porridge; sat in the chair and broke it; and slept in their beds.

1b) What is the Goldilocks Zone?

The region in space where liquid water can exist on a planet ("because it is just right").

2a) Where does Rupert Bear live?

Nut Wood.

2b) Name three of his friends.

Badger , Algie, Tiger Lily, Pong Ping, Raggety, Edward Trunk, Ming.

2c) What is main colour of his trousers?


3a) Where does Winnie the Pooh live?

Hundred Acre wood.

3b) Name three of his friends.

Tigger, Roo, Piglet, Christopher Robin, Owl, Kanga & Roo and Eeyore

3c) What is Pooh's favourite food?


3d) What game do they play?

Pooh sticks.

4a) What does Pudsey Bear symbolise?

Children in Need Annual Appeal.

4b) What sort of bandage does he wear?

White with red spots.

4c) Over which ear is it worn?

Over his right ear.

5a) Where did Paddington Bear come from?

Far Peru.

5b) What is his favourite food?

Marmalade sandwiches.

5c) Which family found him?

The Brown family.

5d) What product has Paddington recently advertised?

Squeezable Marmite.

6a) In what comic is Biffo the Bear found?

The Beano.

7a) What was the name of the bear cub born at Regent's Park?


8a) There are 8 real bears, name them.

Giant Panda, Sun, Spectacled, Sloth, Polar, Asiatic Black, American Black and Brown (Grizzly or Kodiac) Bear.

9a) What is the smallest real bear?

Sun Bear.

10a) Which Bears live in South America?

Spectacled Bears.

11a) What country are Koala bears found in?


11b) Of what does their diet mainly consist?

Eucalyptus leaves.

11c) Koalas are not real bears, what are they?


12a) What do Giant pandas eat?

Bamboo shoots.

12b) What countries are they mainly found in?

China and Tibet.

12c) Why does a panda go into a bar, have a meal, fire a gun, then depart?

Because it eats shoots and leaves.

13a) The Red Panda is not a bear - what is it?

Separate family related to skunk, racoon, weasel, racoon, mink, wolverine, and badger.

14a) What is the largest real bear?


15a) What book features Balloo?

The Jungle Book.

15b) Who wrote the book?

Rudyard Kipling.

16a) Who created the Care Bears?

The "American Greetings" card company.

17a) After whom were teddy bears named?

Theodore Roosevelt.

17b) Why were they so called?

He was once depicted in a cartoon as saving the life of a bear cub on a hunting trip.

18a) What is 'Yogi Bear' smarter than?

The average bear.

18b) Where does Yogi live?

Jellystone Park.

19a) What will happen if you go down to the woods today?

You're sure of a big surprise.

19b) Who will be there?

All the bears that ever there was.

19c) What time do they leave?

Six o'clock.

19d) What was the original name for the "Teddy Bears Picnic"?

"The Teddy Bear Two-step".

20a) Who was Barney Bear?

A sleepy, grumpy cartoon character.

21a) What is the Latin name for the Great Bear constellation?

Ursa Major.

22a) What is the name of the asterism or group of stars in the Little Bear constellation?

The little Dipper.

23a) What did Mischka represent?

The Moscow Olympic Games.

23b) When did the games take place?


23c) Which country boycotted these games?

The United States of America.

24a) What did a Fox and a Bear advertise?

Foxes Glacier Mints.

25a) What were Teddy boys?

Youths who affected Edwardian dress.

25b) In which decade did they make their appearance?

The 1950's.

26a) What event did Luke and Blubber Bear take part in?

Wacky Races.

27a) Who owns Bobo Bear?

Mr Barnes in The Simpsons.

28a) Where you would find Fozzie Bear?

The Muppets.

28b) What is Fozzies chicken made of and what is its name?

Rubber, Clyde.

29a) Who hates the Hair Bear?

Mr Peevley in the Hair Bear Bunch.

30a) Who's faithful bear is Pooky?


31a) Why is Smokey Bear "green"?

He is the symbol of the US Forest Fire Protection.

32a) Who first operated Sooty?

Harry Corbett.

33a) Who makes valuable German Bears?


33b) What normally identifies these bears?

A button in the ear.

34a) What is the nickname of the golfer Jack Nicklaus?

The Golden Bear.

35a) What is a "Bear Market"?

One where shares are traded in the expectation of a fall in price.

36a) Where did Big Ted and Little Ted appear?


37a) What is a collector of teddy bears called?

An arctophile.

38a) What is a woolly Bear when it grows up?

A Tiger Moth.

39a) Name an appropriate work by Mussorgsky.

Night on a bare Mountain.

40a) Name an appropriate American Football Team.

Chicago Bears.

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