The Bear of Rodborough Hall of Fame

The table below shows the winners of our club competitions since it all began.

1988Adrian Lee
1989Tim Blades
1990John Brudenell
1991Norman Gooch
1992Brian Pittaway
1993Tim BladesTim Danby
1994John FurleyTim DanbyDon Gaunt
1995Tim DanbyRosemary DanbyDon Gaunt
1996Brian PittawayTim BladesDon Gaunt
1997Brian PittawayNick HurstNot Played 1997 - 2008
1998Tim DanbyGraham Watson
1999Bruno PaciniRosemary Danby
2000Richard DanbyRosemary Danby
2001Michael PooleRichard Danby
2002Richard DanbyAnn Poole
2003Rosemary DanbyDon GauntRosemary Danby and Don Gaunt
2004Don GauntKeith ApperleyRosemary Danby and Don Gaunt
2005Brian PittawayRobert MossMichael Poole and Keith Apperley
2006Don GauntAnn PooleMichael Poole and Keith Apperley
2007Bruno PaciniRichard WayRichard Danby and Carol Pittaway
2008Robert MossRichard DanbyRobert Moss and Richard Way
2009Brian PittawayBrian PittawayPaul Mills and Kate ApperleyDon Gaunt
2010Robert MossKeith ApperleyPeter Francis and Caroline DennyRichard Danby
2011Kate ApperleyKeith ApperleyRichard Way and Caroline DennyPeter Francis
2012Richard DanbyRosemary DanbyRosemary and Richard DanbyPeter Francis
2013Paul MillsJohn IrelandAlex Spellman & John IrelandKeith Apperley
2014John IrelandRichard WayRichard Danby and Stephen MossRichard Danby

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