The Loading Bay for the Alquife mines

El Cable Ingles

Cable01 Cable02

These four pictures show; (TL) A close-up of one of the loading chutes; (TR) Looking back from the loading pier towards the main station; (BL) A close-up of the winding mechanism for a loading chute; (BR) The pier. Note that the shore line has gone back by several yards, it used come up to the foreground of the picture.

Cable03 Cable04

Cable05 Cable06

The next four pictures show; (TL) The cable line near to the main station. In front is the electric support for the Almeria Port line, now demolished; (TR) Moving back from the previous picture shows a yard that may have formed part of the Alhamilla line; (BL) The pier at night; (BR) The main station at night, now empty and superseded by an Intermodal (busses and Trains) station next door.

Cable07 Cable08

Cable09 Cable10

In 2012 the Cable Ingles was renovated and painted. The loading chutes have all been retracted and the winding mechanisms repaired.The four pictures show; (TL) A general view with a memorial to victims of oppression in the foreground; (TR) A plaque commemorating the restoration; (BL) A close-up of a loading chute; (BR) The interior of the Cable.

Cable11 Cable12

Toblerone01 Toblerone02

Two views of the "Toblerone", the storage warehouse for the Alquife mines.

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